Dreams of Sucking Off Peter North

I don’t watch porn myself, so someone has to be a pretty big porn star for me to know who they are. Once in a while a client will ask me to watch some clip with them while we are on a call, and I will humor them. I laughed the other day when a caller said he wanted to suck off a guy, but he’d never had the chance to. A pretty common thing to say on a call. Then he said the man he fantasized about sucking off was porn actor Peter North. I did know who he was talking about. He’s more known for movies twenty to thirty years ago than more recent ones I would think, as he’s in his sixties now.

Ironically Peter North was in the very first porn movie I ever saw, I was twenty five when I saw it. I recall several years later when first I went into a sex toy shop, there were toys with Peter North’s name on them he’d endorsed or the dildo perhaps was an actual replica of his cock like some porn stars do and then sell. So for the entire call this guy was going on about Peter’s cock and how he wanted to suck it, lick it, worship it.

I’ve had guys mention porn actresses before, I usually have no clue who they are talking about, but I think this was the first time a male porn actor’s name had come up. Hey, some fantasize about celebrities, porn stars are in that realm to a degree. So many guys call about fantasizing about other men, sucking cock, getting fucked, it’s so common place it’s scary how widespread it is. So do you fantasize about some classic porn stars from back in the day or watch their old movies and wish you were the one sucking off the male stars? You can’t really shock us phone sex gals, give us a call and tell us all about it. We are waiting.

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