Waiting For the Doctor

My boyfriend has an incredible sexual appetite. The blow of the wind makes him horny practically. He came with me to the doctors for my latest checkup and we were ushered into the room to wait for the doctor. Normally once you’re taken in there, the doctor is there in under five minutes. However there was some small issue with the patient in the room down the hall and the nurse came in to apologize and said the doctor would be at least another fifteen minutes until they could come in. My boyfriend got a silly grin on his face and said he knew what we should do with that fifteen minutes.

I knew it was an awful risk, what if the doctor finished early and came in while we were in the middle of fucking? He pulled me up, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my panties, bent me over the examination table and grabbed some of the surgical lube off the counter next to the table. I was getting fucked hard and fast and as quietly as we could be in under a minute from the time that nurse closed the door. I had my eye on the wall clock the entire time.

His cock always felt so good in me. That lubed up cock was gliding in and out of me so fast and so good. He was cupping my tits as he fucked me from behind. I reached down and played with my clit as he fucked me and bit my lip as I came. As soon as I came, he shot his load into me. We quickly cleaned up at the small sink in the counter in the room, arranged our clothes, and the doctor came into the room thirteen minutes after the nurse left. They might have wondered why were a bit flushed and breathing a bit quickly, but it seems our little quickie went undetected.

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