We Laughed at His Wiener

My boyfriend is a nice guy, however there is one big issue between us. His dick, it’s barely larger than a peanut. I told him when we slept together for the first time that is was going to be a cuckold relationship or no relationship at all. He said he was glad to hear me say that, since every relationship he’d ever been in was a cuckold one. He said getting his tiny pecker laughed at was incredibly arousing to him, so I laughed at it as much as I could and just took advantage of his superb oral skills.

I had a few different fuck buddies I saw, one of them loved to humiliate him, so we did it a lot when he came over. My boyfriend loved to show off his little cock so they would make fun of it. You could literally watch this tiny little acorn grow to its little peanut size as you hurled the insults and laughed at him. It really was quite amusing. He even revealed to me it was his own mother who first humiliated him in this manner when he was in his teens when she saw him getting out of the shower and said she’d need a magnifying glass to see it.

At the time of course he was mortified, but he soon began to obsess over the comment and it was all he could think about. He then began seeking out other women to belittle him and as soon as one saw him naked, they began to make comments that made him aroused. So masturbation was pretty much all he ever got, since his little cock was the size of a small tube of lipstick. So I did the best I could with the fuck buddies I brought around, his little dick would get rubbed after the cutting remarks and then he’d squirt his two drops.

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