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We Laughed at His Wiener

My boyfriend is a nice guy, however there is one big issue between us. His dick, it’s barely larger than a peanut. I told him when we slept together for the first time that is was going to be a … Continue reading

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My New Toy

My latest boyfriend is a bit small in the cock department and I was shocked when he was so upfront about things and pulled out a new toy he said he got for me to try. He said he felt … Continue reading

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I’ve Got a Great Body Though

There are seldom funnier calls than ones that are dealing with small penis humiliation. How can one react other than with laughter when a caller states his penis is the size of a peanut? Yes, it’s sad that nature has … Continue reading

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Watch Me Get Fucked

My hubby is a nice guy, but there’s no denying his dick is just too small to get the job done, so I’ve had other lovers on the side since shortly after we started going out. I told him that … Continue reading

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The Dinky Dance

  I get lots of small penis humiliation callers for sure, it’s one of the most common topics I get calls on. Tonight I had a most interesting case though. This man with a small cock has a rather humorous … Continue reading

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