It’s So Little

One common thing callers worry about is the size of their penis. So many are small, that’s why a lot call, since their dicks are so small they can’t get a woman in real life to take them to bed. Some undersized guys are good at oral, they are over compensating, since they know their cock is too small to deliver much, if any, pleasure, so they make damned sure they know what they are doing with their mouths, which is a good thing. Do you have a smaller than average sized penis? Have you been made fun of in the past by women or declined by them once you took your clothes off? Size does matter guys, anyone that’s told you differently was just trying to spare your feelings. Harsh words, but true ones.

So many are not only small, but they cum so quickly, the premature ejaculators. These losers really do have nothing to offer a woman in the bedroom. Small and a two pump chump, no wonder they are alone, they sure deserve to be! Some might find masturbation is just a lot easier to contend with than even bothering with sex with another person. No one to judge them or make fun of them, just simpler. One married man that calls sad many times even if his wife is willing, masturbation is just a faster and more reliable way to get off.

Some of the smaller men are almost proud of how small they are and will send pics to show you. As if they know you must see this to actually believe it, since surely you wouldn’t take their word for it when they say it’s so very small. Some have had dicks the size of an acorn and sent pics of it for me to criticize and make fun of. They do at times get off on ones being cruel to them about their penis.

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