Girls Night Out

Lesbian sex is hot, but when you turn it into a threesome, it’s even hotter. What guy wouldn’t be ready to jizz his pants at the sight of three, hot chicks going down on one another and scissoring one another’s cunts? I had a girl’s night out last week with two of my besties and it was a lot of fun. I went over to one of their homes and we all had a nice dinner then we watched some sexy soft porn type of movies and that got us aroused. We started by masturbating as we watched, but soon we wanted more. We took things up to the bedroom.

We got on the king sized bed, all of us nude. My one friend got on her back and said she wanted to taste me. I straddled her face and she held my cunt lips open, exposing my clit and she just started licking it faster and faster. I felt I was going to faint with desire. My other friend was kissing me deeply as I got licked out and I reached over and started to rub her pussy as we kissed. She was already dripping wet with her creamy cunt juice. I smeared it all over her stiff clit and rubbed my fingertips in little circles all over it.

We were one moaning, happy, aroused trio as we rubbed and kissed and licked one another to one orgasm after the next. We got out some toys, a strap on was one of them, and my one friend fucked me on all fours while I leaned down and went down on my other friend that was laid open before me, legs spread wide. I got stretched open by the toy and made my friend cum at the same time. We just lay there afterwards, limbs twisted around one another catching our breath. It was one sexy night for us all.

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