Take it Deep

Most guys love a long, slow, deep blow job, I’m sure you do as well, right? Last night I gave my boyfriend that has a nine inch cock one and boy, did he fuck my throat deep. I’ve learned how to relax my throat muscles and no gag when he face fucks me. He came over to the edge of the bed naked, standing there, and I reached out and took his cock in my hand, stroking it, and then licking it and sucking it into my mouth. He gathered up my hair in his hands and just thrust down my throat as far as he could with his huge cock.

I opened wide and took it down, and tilted my head back to give him as great access as I could. He really shoved it down, I slobbered all over it and moved my lips all up and down between deep throating it. He likes it when I hum when I’m giving him oral sex as well, it enhances the feeling for him to feel that vibration up and down his cock. I love to give him surprise blow jobs when he’s not expecting them. Last week I showed up at his office, locked the door, went to the side of his chair, dropped to my knees and unzipped him and sucked him off. I was out of there in ten minutes. He loves things like that.

Lots of callers confess that getting a blow job is their favorite thing, much more so than intercourse. One last night revealed he’d met this gal he really liked, but she told him up front oral sex, getting and giving, was not something she was interested in. They could fuck as much as he’d want, but she would not be prepared to have any oral. He said as much as I liked her, I told her this wouldn’t work, that he just loves blow jobs too much and there’s no way he’d consider a relationship if it meant not having them. I also talk to men that have been married for decades, and are faithful and they have never gotten a blow job in their life and they have no idea what it must be like. One man that is a widower said he never had one in his life until after his wife had died and he dated someone else. There’s a lot of deprived men out there.

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