Hospital Shenanigans

Recently I got a job in a hospital as a nurses aid, and I found out what goes on during the lunch breaks and any slow periods. There’s all kinds of sexual activity going on between the staff. I’ve now taken part in it myself, and it’s been really hot. One of the orderlies is a big black guy and the cock on him is not to be believed, it’s nearly twelve inches. He’s fucked half the nurses in the hospital from the sounds of it. One of the other nurses aids told me I had to try his dick, I’d be glad I did. So she and I and he went into an empty room for some lunchtime afternoon delight.

She got on the bed on her back and pulled her skirt up for me to sixty nine with her and he came up behind me and fucked me while she licked my clit. I did not think his cock would fit it was so big. He got it in though. We need to be quiet so can’t make any sex sounds, since patients in nearby rooms might hear and be disturbed. I’ve played with them a handful of times now and it’s been hot as fuck every time.

I didn’t think I’d like licking pussy as much as I have grown to, but playing with them is a lot of fun. Who knew so much hanky panky was going on in a hospital? I’ve walked in on a few male patients masturbating a few times, but they stopped when I came into the room and looked embarrassed. If only they knew what the staff was doing, they wouldn’t feel half as bad! There’s a few doctors that fuck around with the nurses as well, it’s not just the orderlies that are getting all the fun. I only wish I’d worked here sooner, for all the fun that goes on.

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