Masturbating at the Doctors

Recently I had a doctors appointment and I could tell as soon as I went in he was running behind from the number of people in the waiting room. I had a headache and the screaming kids were not making it better. I asked his receptionist if there was any way I could be put in one of the rooms so it was quieter, even if I had to wait, that was fine. Just please don’t make me suffer here in the waiting room. She said she really shouldn’t, but as I was a long time patient she would. She put me in his office and told me it would be at least forty five minutes. I said that was fine.

I was put there and sat on the sofa and leafed through the magazines and became quickly bored. I still had so much time to kill. Then I had a thought, a very naughty thought. Why don’t I take this time and masturbate? No one would be coming in for nearly a half an hour. I hesitated, then went for it. I slipped my hand down the front of my pants and instantly felt a sense of comfort at masking myself feel good. I quickly grew wet and teased my clit with my juices I’d dragged up from my wet hole to my clit. I could hear the goings on outside the door, albeit muffled. They were seeing to the other patients, I was fine.

I rubbed my clit in little circles and was soon biting my lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. I rubbed my clit faster and faster and was really going at it and I came. My legs even shook a little as I did. I caught my breath and quickly dashed into the tiny bathroom he had off his office. I just came out and had sat back down when he came in and ushered me into one of the exam rooms. He said I looked a little flushed, was I ok? I had to keep from laughing at the looking a little flushed, if only he knew!

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