He Was a Short Dick Man

I’ve been seeing this guy recently and got quite a shock the first time we were going to be together. He got undressed and I was speechless, and not in a good way. It was very disappointing to be honest. He is a good looking guy, great physique, works out, great job. It just never occurred to me all those other things could not make up for one significant shortcoming. His dick. He indeed was a “short dick man.” Soft, saying two inches would be kind, hard, three would be kind. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to disappoint him, but if I’d gone forth, I’d have been the one disappointed.

He could tell by the look on my face it was a disappointment. I had a feeling he’d had many let downs over the years when things got to this stage with a lady he’d bring home. A lot of last minute headaches would come on, I’m sure. He said he could tell from my expression it had been a real letdown. He then asked if I’d just watch him masturbate and we would never need to go through with this again. I was honestly kind of angry he’d not said anything and it had come to this most unpleasant surprise, so I told him no and I told him he needed to prepare a girl for such a thing.

He said he was too uncomfortable to bring it up and I could see him getting hard as he said it. I quickly got dressed and got out of there as he was sitting down on the edge of the bed and starting to stroke his useless little appendage. What a waste of my time and efforts, to find out he is so inadequate and didn’t even have the balls to own up to it and tell me to be prepared. Men are such jerks for the most part.

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