I Slept With My Boyfriend’s Son

I’ve always loved older men and usually only dated men a lot older than myself. They treated me well and it was a win win all round I’ve found. Recently though there’s been an issue. The man I’ve been dating is thirty years older than myself. His son is my age and as soon as I met him I was attracted to him. The first time we were alone he flirted with me and I flirted back. I was to house sit for my boyfriend when he was away on business but I had not known his son was going to stop by, no one had mentioned a thing to me and he shows up with an overnight bag.

I said I’d just go home wince he was there and he wouldn’t hear of it. He made us a nice dinner and the wine flowed. One thing quickly led to another and soon we were fucking in my boyfriend’s king sized bed. I felt so guilty, but he was handsome and such a good lover. He said he’d never say a word about it. I sucked his cock and realized he’d gotten his size from his dad. He was so much like a younger version of his father, it was so taboo yet appealing.

He loved to fuck vigorously, his dad just didn’t have that in him anymore, so it was a peek into the past of what he must’ve been like decades ago. We pleasured one another the entire weekend, sucking, licking, fucking, I loved every minute of it and was sad to see it end. I even had fleeting awful thoughts about if my boyfriend died of a heart attack or something, I could then be with his son. I’m a very bad girl, but it was very hot from start to finish.

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