Let Me Stuff Your Bird

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, some are ordering their birds from their local butcher shop ahead of time to make sure the get what they want. I really like the man that works at the butcher shop I use, he’s friendly and not bad looking, it’s a family business and he’s been taking over more and more for his father, who’s getting older. I put my order in, I’m entertaining a large group, so I need a large bird.

I made some rather inappropriate remark about fisting the bird, in this job saying stuff like that just rolls off your tongue, even when it shouldn’t! He laughed so hard and said it was nice to hear something funny, there wasn’t a lot of funny things going on at a butcher shop. We flirted a bit and chatted and he asked me out for a drink and I accepted. He stopped by my place after work and we walked to the pub around the corner and got to know one another better. One drink led to the next and we soon made our way back to my place. I know it might not have been the best thing, but I just didn’t want to stop him and we had sex.

He had a very nice big cock and he knew how to use it. He loved to go down on pussy and was very skilled at it. I got so wet with him licking me, his face looked like a glazed donut, smeared with all of my juices. He got me on all fours and pounded my pussy from behind and he stretched me open with every thrust of that cock into me. I reached underneath and teased my clit as he fucked me and the sensation was divine. I soon came on his cock and that triggered his own orgasm and he filled me with his seed. We went a few rounds that night, and had several orgasms. I look forward to him stuffing my bird again soon.

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