Interracial Group Sex

I was recently invited to a very naughty evening. It was a group sex party and all the men were black and all the women were white. The ladies all were interested in sampling big, black cock, and there’s of course no shortage of black men that want white pussy. We all were pretty drunk and horny as the night got underway, there were around a dozen of us there, and I sure got to sample several big black cocks while I was there. I’ve never been stretched out like that by any white man I’ve ever been with before.

There was a king sized bed and three couples at a time were using it while the other three couples watched and masturbated or had sex against the wall. It was wild and it was hot. That nigger dick got my pussy dripping like nothing else ever has. I don’t know after this wild night if I could go back to a white man, their dicks are just so small in comparison. The black men traded we women and every man fucked every woman. Those blacks can sure fuck all night long. The place reeked of sex and echoed with dozens of orgasms. The moans and groans of delight were hot as hell. We were all feeding off one another’s sounds.

The cum was flowing as much as the liquor was, and no one left unsatisfied. I was fucked, I sucked dick, I had my tits and ass and face sprayed with the cum of multiple men. I was treated like an absolute whore and I loved it. I think I will be going to the next sex party that is being set up a few weeks from now. My pussy is already wet thinking about it. That BBC is just what I’ve needed. I only wish I’d tried it sooner.

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