Male Virgin Callers

Something many would not even think about is callers that are male virgins, but they do exist, and they call more often than you’d think. In a way, it makes sense, since if they were having active sex lives, they wouldn’t need to be calling phone sex operators to masturbate to, would they. No. Some male callers are painfully shy virgins in their twenties, but I’ve talked to male virgins even in their sixties. At that age, they really have given up and just accepted it’s not going to happen for them. Some have been physically disabled and not able to attract women, or are unable to attain an erection because of their physical limitations.

Society is all about sex this, sex that, everywhere all the time. Scantily clad women, lustful men, it’s everywhere, and for the ones not getting it, it can feel very isolating and masturbation is their one and only sexual release. So obviously phone sex is a good way to spice up the old masturbation routine and have some interaction with another person. So many that are awkward virgins have said it’s not hard at all to talk to someone on the phone, but in person, it’s just too painful for them to even try. They will be tongue tied and blushing and afraid they are making fools of themselves.

If you’re a male that is still dealing with unwanted virginity, phone sex can be a good start to talking to women and being more familiar with them and learning about their likes and wants sexually. It’s not the same as an in person encounter of course, but it’s a good start. Many are too shy to even take advice about seeing an escort to get their first time over with if it’s an obstacle, it’s just not an option in their minds, but they are just too shy to get anything going in real life with a woman, so it’s a cycle of fear they cannot seem to break.

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