Frolic in The Snow

I love winter and snow and so does my boyfriend. Luckily we live where we get a lot of it. We had quite a snowfall a few days ago and yesterday we built a naughty snowman, some of the neighbors glared at us, and we built a snow fort. He got this plastic snow brick maker thing and built us an igloo of sorts. There was room for us both inside and we spent hours making it. It is really nice. He’s made them over the years before, so he knew what he was doing. When we crawled inside, it was surprisingly cozy. We brought in some blankets and well, we got naughty in the backyard igloo.

I was surprised it wasn’t colder, but it was a fun place to get naughty. No one could see us and we laid on the blankets and didn’t get totally naked, but the critical parts were exposed and able to be gotten to easily. It wasn’t high enough inside for me to ride him, so he got on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me that way, which I love anyway. You could see your breath, but it was not uncomfortable by any means.

I wondered if the neighbors had any idea what we were up to in there. I don’t really care if they did, we weren’t hurting anyone and everything was hidden inside. The snow is actually a great insulator of noise, so we didn’t really even need to be quiet. The sounds were muffled greatly by the thickness of the snow. His cock slid in and out of me and I loved seeing his breaths in the cool air, it was so visible how he was breathing harder and faster as we were fucking, I was as well. The sight of it just made our physical excitement more obvious. We came and dressed and crawled out. I smiled broadly to the neighbor and waved at them through the window. They had a sour look on their face and I laughed and went back in the house. Hopefully it will remain cold enough to last the rest of the week so we can go for it again.

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