He Diddled Me at The Beach

I went on a tropical weekend recently, which was a nice break from the snow we’ve had. I always enjoyed little vacation sex misadventures when I went away. It adds a fond memory to the holiday and no strings attached is always fun. I was staying at this resort and liked a few of the different guys I saw there, but most were already there on honeymoons or with girlfriends, there weren’t many singles there. I did find one guy that seemed to like me as well and we went off together on one of the day trips the resort had to see the local sights.

I joined him for dinner when we came back and we met up against he next day. The area we went to was a bit empty and deserted, free from prying eyes. We both took our clothes off to get a nude suntan and as soon as I took off my clothes his hands were all over me. I liked the way he touched me and his fingers were soon between my legs, teasing me and my little clitty. I did not take long to get wet once he was touching me and his teasing touches soon gave way to slower, more sensuous strokes. I was soon fucking his hand in plain view of anyone that was watching, but I don’t think anyone was.

He certainly was good with his hands and I loved how stiff my clit got for him. I could see his bulge and once he made me cum, I was soon on my knees in the sand sucking on his hard cock. Right out there in the noonday sun. We went back to the hotel afterwards and got cleaned up for dinner and drinks. The bartender gave us a knowing smile. I asked why and he said some staff had seen us while on one of the balconies overlooking the area we were in that afternoon. I blushed a little and laughed. Oh well, we had a lot of fun and it was a hot and sultry weekend.

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