Phone Sex for Christmas?

Some might wonder who would be calling a phone sex line on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but there are men calling. Not everyone has family, some are estranged from the family they do have and are lonely, they may not celebrate at all. There’s lots of reasons why men would be calling the line at Christmas. Sex may not be among them. I’ve had several long calls on holiday nights before, there’s fewer girls on, and the few that are on are busier than they might be otherwise. There are women out there for you to talk to this holiday, if you are looking for that.

Do you find yourself more lonely than usual over the holidays? Then you are not alone. It can be a hard season for many people, and suicide rates skyrocket because of it. We are not a suicide hotline, this is true, but many just need a friendly ear to talk to and listen to their concerns. Sex may or may not end up happening on such a call, it can be nice just to have another human being to talk to during a time of being alone when that is not a choice.

Memories of Christmases past when things were happier and we had more loved ones with us can often prove a heavy cross to bear when alone during the holidays. You may be the only one left in your family if you never married and your parents are gone and you had no siblings, or the ones you had are far away and not really a part of your life anyway. So calling someone, even a stranger on the phone for just a little while, can be a welcome respite of nothing but the television to listen to. Merry Christmas, we are here for you.

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