Drain ‘Dem Nigger Balls

One of my most popular calls I get is racial humiliation. Ones not familiar with this topic might find it hard to grasp. Others may know of it but think it’s horrible. Well, then don’t talk about it if it bugs you, don’t kink shame anyone else. They are not into hurting anyone, they just like to be humiliated themselves and made fun of. Most racial humiliation phone sex callers are black (niggers, spooks, jigaboos, jungle bunnies, porch monkey), but you get the occasional Mexican (beaner boys, wet backs), Indians (curry munchers, dot heads, towel heads), Middle Easterners (sand niggers), Asians (chinks) and self hating Jews (kikes).

If you’re some virtue signally left wing nutter, these calls might be enough to send you off into orbit, hating yourself even more for coming from such a hatful race as the evil (yet superior) white man. For sensible folk, one can have a lot of fun on these calls, and the callers love it. The more creative and hurtful you are, the more they love it. Talk about whipping that uppity nigger until they bleed with lash marks, talk about tossing that kike in the oven like they deserve, it’s all in good, clean fun, lol!

Many not in the phone sex world would just never understand such a fetish, but it’s just one of many out there that some enjoy. You likely have some odd fetish that might disgust or horrify some people, so who are you to judge them for wanting to hear themselves called names they are paying good money to be called. It’s not for everyone, but hey, let them have their fun. Some black callers have even said they find white women to sleep with and the women call them names and even spit on them as they have sex. You really have no idea what turns people on, and in most cases, you really don’t want to know!

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