Getting Friendly in The Woods

Recently I went camping with my boyfriend and of course we love to have sex outdoors, but it was a rather busy camp ground, so in the tent had to do. I got to thinking after the fact though, that we left the lantern on, so our silhouettes would have left little to the imagination to ones that happened to be standing nearby or walking past. Can you imagine the silhouette of me riding him, my breasts bouncing freely? I bet some guys were jerking off in the dark to that in their various hidden spots!

I made sure not to moan or groan much, I didn’t want to bring attention to our sounds, but the lights were blazing! You could hear the crickets and the owls and someone faintly playing a guitar a ways away with some singing friends around a camp fire we’d seen, and here we were, fucking and not having a care in the world. The next morning we did get a few odd looks at breakfast. A few knowing smiles as well, so I’m assuming some saw our little unintended romantic display. I simply forgot to turn off the lights. We never have sex in the dark at home, and it just didn’t occur to me to turn them off.

Later in the day we went skinny dipping in a secluded spot and no one seemed to be around then at least, we swam in the nude and then laid down some beach towels and fucked again. We didn’t hear anyone, so were free in our actions. I sucked his cock and he licked my cunt, it was romantic there, sixty nining there on the riverbank. He then got me on all fours and really fucked me hard from behind. This time no audience. It really is fun to have sex in the great outdoors. If you do though, maybe check to make sure there’s no audience, and or turn out the lights!

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