Slumber Party Sex Lessons

When I was in high school, this one friend of mine was pretty wild. She and another girl and I were best pals and would often have slumber parties at one another’s houses. When we’d have them at her house, they were extra fun, since her parents were usually out and she had a brother that always wanted to join us and turn things a bit naughty. We were always willing to play. I think she and her brother did things we didn’t know about, lol. She told us what a big dick he had and she called him in one night to show us. We were a bit shocked she’d be telling us about her brother’s dick, but who were we to say no, don’t show us?

He came in fully erect, proud of his manhood. We asked if we could touch it and of course he said yes. He really taught my friend and I how to give a hand job. He’d tell us how fast, how slow, how hard, how softly to grip, we felt like experts by the time he let us stop. If our parents had any idea what went on at the sleep over’s when they were at Melissa’s house, but of course they never found out.

We then had the hand job basics down pat when we got our own boyfriends and they loved how we did it. He loved that we’d all be willing to try. We even tried blow jobs as well and I must say, every boyfriend I’ve ever had has complimented me on my technique. If only they knew it was from the slumber party sex lessons we used to get at our friend’s house! I learned a lot going over to her house, I bet she and her brother were fucking, but she never let on.

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