Anal Beads For My Baby


I’d been wanting to try something new and different with my boyfriend, he’d had us watch some porn the other night that gave me the idea for something. In the movie the girl had some anal beads her boyfriend was slowly and tantalizingly pulling out of her ass. I wasn’t really interested in anal sex as it were, but anal beads I might be convinced to try, so I bought some at the love shop and had them laid out on the bed when my boyfriend came home.

He asked what it was and I said recall the movie the other night with the girl and the anal beads, well I’d be interested in trying that and seeing if I liked it as much as she seemed to. He was a bit surprised, since I’d never shown any interest in anything backdoor before, but I said it looked intriguing, so I wanted to try. He and I got undressed and the beads were lubed up and he then gently pushed them in, that wasn’t too bad. Then he got my vibrator and placed that on my clit as I lay on my back, legs spread open, and he slowly stared to pull them out, and I could feel each individual bead go pop, pop, pop, as it slowly came out.

I must admit, the sensation of that at the same time I used my vibe was very sexy and I did enjoy it. After he finished pulling them out, I asked if he’d stick them back in and then slowly withdraw them again until I came, it took him a few goes until I came, but it was overall an enjoyable experience. I said afterwards that once I sterilized them, maybe we could try them on him as well and see if he enjoyed them as much, and indeed he did!

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