Sexy Pregnant Woman


A caller last night was telling me about his pregnancy fetish he has, how he looks for pregnant women to have sex with, but it’s a challenge since most pregnant women have partners already, so they aren’t looking for casual sex. He’s found a few that didn’t have partners and he was over the moon with arousal since their swollen bellies and big, swollen nipples turn him on like nothing else. He’d even put an ad on Craigslist to try and find pregnant women with a desire to have sex with random strangers, as you can imagine the response rate was nearly nil.

There was a pregnant escort he’d found in the past, but of course once she gave birth, it was no longer an option with her. Some callers do have a fertile woman and impregnation, risky sex fetish, but ones that are looking for the full on sex with a fully pregnant woman are more rare I have found. You can’t just find pregnant women willing to fuck at a moments notice, so it’s a fetish that’s harder for these men to satisfy. Ones that have been married and had a pregnant partner sometimes lucked out, other times not, since some if not most pregnant women are not interested in sex at all.

They find it the ultimate in femininity and are very much drawn to the pregnant form, which many women themselves are not attracted to and some wish to cover it up as best they can, and men into this want it all exposed. The fragrance of a vagina can change as well and become much more pungent when the influx of hormones is present and a pregnancy is happening, many men are very aroused by the stronger scent and they love to indulge their fetish if they can.

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