Picnic Surprise


Sex outdoors is always fun, and add in the element of possibly being caught and discovered and it can be quite the sexually exhilarating experience. I was visiting some old college roommates out of town recently that I hadn’t seen in several years. We were very close when we were in school, we had threesomes several times and I had a feeling the weekend I went to visit them something naughty might happen again and I was right.

We went out for a picnic and it was a nice, quiet, secluded area and I knew they both were horny from the tents in their jeans and after we finished eating, I gave them a treat. I reached over and one by one unzipped them and got their cocks out, just like the old days, and I took one in each hand and started to masturbate them both and they groaned with pleasure as I took a hold of them and slid my hands up and down their hard and slippery cocks that were dripping with precum.

I got them both hard as rocks before stripping down myself and getting on all fours and then taking one in my mouth and the other in my waiting pussy. I was already wet and so badly wanted to take that cock all the way into my pussy, I just ached for it and once it went in, I gasped with pleasure. It was as if no time had passed at all for us and we got on as well as ever. Our little outdoor picnic turned into a hot outdoor romp, and I was so glad I’d gone down to visit them.

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