Friends That Play Together

They say the more the merrier, and I for one can tell you when it comes to sex, that is sure true. I love group sex, the idea of sharing my orgasms with several other people at the same time, it turns me on and I absolutely cum harder when I have “an audience.” Does that make me a bit of an exhibitionist? You bet it does! It’s fun to know others are seeing you and judging your sexual performance, I love getting it on in a room full of other couples that are also fucking.

It gets me wet to watch my friends fuck as well, those rock hard cocks gliding in and out of those pussies, usually I’m already wet, but seeing that kind of interaction just gets me dripping, so my own partner gets me in an even hornier than usual state. Porn doesn’t do it for me at all, but watching live people fuck sure does. I had a swapping party last weekend and I invited a half a dozen couples and we were getting it on all over the large living room. You could smell the sex hanging in the air, the moans and groans of ecstasy were intoxicating.

I came several times with the men there and everyone had a great time. More people should have orgy’s, they would be a lot more relaxed! Women think they might have a partner that’s great in bed, but being able to fuck others and be able to compare them to really gives you a much greater understanding of their actual sexual skill. Fuck with your friends, you won’t regret it.

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