Sissy Phone Sex

One type of callers we phone sex girls get a good deal is sissies. Men that like to dress up as women and generally act like sissies. One called just a while ago that was wearing ladies lingerie and he had a butt plug up his ass as he was talking, saying how he wished it was the cock of a real man and how much he loved to suck cock while he wore ladies underwear and stroke his “sissy stick” as he performed oral sex on that manly cock down his throat.

Many that give oral sex to other men have said they usually do not masturbate when they are doing it, that the man they are sucking off doesn’t like it if they do that and they are to wait until they go home afterwards or at least until the guy they are sucking off cums. This one however enjoys the feeling of his pink, ladies underwear all over his stiff dick he’s rubbing as he goes down on the hard dick in his mouth, and he loves to swallow cum.

When he was jerking off he asked if I wanted him to swallow his own load, which he said he loves to do, sure, go for it, I instructed him. He shot his load of jizz into his hand and then slurped it up with relish, and imagined it was the hot, salty load of another man that he was sucking off, which he apparently has plans to do again in a few short days, so he won’t have much longer to wait until he’d guzzling cum once more.

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