“I’ll Keep An Eye Out For Ya!”

Sometimes callers never cease to amaze me with their creativity, disturbing though it tends to be. This man called last week for over an hour and what he mostly talked about was various sexual jokes, some were funny, some were odd, and I shared a few of my own and he knew the one as it was. He wasn’t calling to masturbate, just to talk and have a bit of an odd conversation. So this one joke he had was a bit disturbing, and it makes you wonder who thinks about such things.

Needless to say when I looked it up online, there was of course many countless things written about it, simulated pics, even some odd real ones. So he says a man walks into a whorehouse and says he only has $2 to spend, he didn’t think he’d be able to get anything for $2, maybe a hand job if he was lucky. So they tell him to go up the stairs to the last door and knock on it and one of the older, less desirable whore’s will possibly be able to serve him, so he goes and knocks and she tells him to come in. He asks what he can get for the $2, and she tells him this is a bit unusual, but to give it a shot, he wonders what she has up her sleeve.

She removes a glass eye and tells him to put his dick in her eye socket and fuck it, he’s a bit horrified, but so horny he closes his eyes and gives it a go. Surprisingly it feels amazing and he compliments her on her unusual way of doing things. He asks if he could come back the next week to repeat it again and she says of course, “I’ll keep an eye out for ya!” He was laughing his fool head off as he told this joke and several others that weren’t quite as graphic. He liked one of mine as well. “How do you give a man from Arkansas a circumcision?” “Kick his sister in the jaw.” Calls can at times be amusing, that’s for sure.

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