Sticky Panties

There’s been several callers recently with a huge fixation on panties. This is a popular topic, so it’s hardly anything new, but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork recently even more so than usual. The one had been over at his neighbors and he took a pair out of the bathroom he found. He took them home and then jerked off with them. He wasn’t sure if he was going to return them with the cum in them or just keep them. This is a very common tale I hear on the phone from guys.

Some are being even naughtier and taking them from their mom if they still live at home and have easy access to the panties their mother has worn that day. They sniff them and then wrap them around their cocks and cum onto the crotch of them. The fabric that has been against a woman’s most intimate area, often the panties are worn, perhaps even damp from the day’s discharge, that makes them even more potent and prized by the panty thief’s out there. To have that cunt juice soaked crotch rub against their own dick and get it hard and make it a bit moist as well.

Have you ever stolen anyone’s panties and rubbed them against your cock or cum in them? Maybe you’ve never told anyone about that experience and would like to share just what you did. Girls at this site even sell their panties to pervy men like you. Can you imagine actually buying a pair from the ladies you talk to and beat off on the phone with sending you their personal, intimate undergarments? It could and can happen if you want it to. Tell us about your panty adventures you’ve had or would like to have.

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