Pussy To Pussy

I can recall in my teens a good friend I had and all the naughty things we got up to during sleepovers. My poor, clueless parents had no idea what was going on as they slept. We were both really horny a lot and boys hadn’t taken an interest in us yet, so we made do with each other, and we came so hard together, I swear there’s times I think I came harder with her than any man I’ve ever been with. It started by just talking about masturbation, admitting we did it. Then it moved to doing it together in the same room, then touching one another, and then grinding on one another.

I have to admit, I loved that the best, it seemed the most naughty. I’d squirt some lotion on her pussy and mine to get it all slippery, I didn’t have any access to lube then and would have been afraid to buy any or of my mom finding it, so regular lotion did the trick. We usually got wet soon enough, but some lotion always helped get things going just right. We’d start by kissing, or as we called it, “practicing” for all the boyfriends we thought we’d soon have. Then after doing that a while, we’d be getting pretty horny. We touched each other many times, but I suggested the bare grinding.

With our lotion covered pussies, one of us would get on top of the other and sort of grind until our clits would find one another and we’d get a rhythm going. It’s honestly not hard to cum that way, many girls masturbate by humping pillows or rubbing against something. When that something is another person, the level of excitement can be pretty high and you can definitely have an orgasm, with no penetration whatsoever. We did this countless times and it would usually be under five minutes until we’d each cum. I was always worried my mom would hear the bed springs creaking as we did it and come to investigate, but it never happened and we had many fun encounters.

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