Lights! Camera! Action!

Last week I wrote about ones getting aroused by sexy movies. This week, we will explore ones that make their own sexy movies.

Porn has always been popular, but with phone cams and video cameras so popular, ones making their own porn movies has become very common. Celebrities have been born due to widely released sex tapes. Who among us can forget Paris Hilton, or Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s sex tapes. They brought the famous to a whole new level of fame by showing their bedroom exploits to the masses.

Many celebrities have even been accused of “accidentally” having sex tapes stolen and released for no other reason than a career boost.

My fear would be when a relationship goes sour, that the ex would get vindictive and release said home made porno to Lord knows who. Don’t put yourself in such a position, and you don’t need to worry in the first place. But ones seem to be more of an exhibitionist today than they used to be, and filming yourself is sort of a cross between being an exhibitionist and a voyeur. Many love to watch themselves, in the mirror or by filming themselves.

Many that are not worried about privacy upload their home made pornos to amateur porn sites for other enthusiasts to share and view. It is quite popular on a number of sites for ones to upload not only videos alone of themselves masturbating, but having sex with others as well. Society seems to have evolved into much more of an open, sharing environment these days.

Whereas a few decades ago ones would have been mortified to have ones know they were doing such things, in today’s internet world of viral videos and ones promoting themselves in the hopes of some sort of level of celebrity, it’s almost commonplace for ones to be sharing every personal act under the sun in the hopes of being made famous….

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