I Rode Him Hard

My boyfriend and I do love our sexual variety. The same position night after night can get boring. Luckily we are both in great shape, so there’s no positions either of us find discomfort in and we can make it an athletic event when we get together and fuck! I’d gotten some new sexy lingerie as a surprise for the special evening ahead and he loved it of course. He was sitting on the bed and I joined him and started to kiss him, our tongues dancing with one another, his hand on my breast toying with my ever hardening nipple. He loves to grab my fat ass and give it a squeeze while we make out. I knew I was already getting a damp spot on my new panties and I could certainly feel his hard cock beneath me.

I started to buck up against it, grinding myself against its hardness through my panties. I was getting his shorts wet too with my bumping and grinding on him. He certainly didn’t mind though. The lingerie was soon peeled off and his bare fingers were caressing my wet cunt. I loved how he touched me, smearing my sweet wetness around my swollen lips.

I got him out of his shorts and wanted that cock in me so badly. I grabbed his hard shaft and fit it into the opening of my pussy and sank right down onto it. It felt great to have it stretch me out that way. I loved it. I felt my wetness coat his cock and it was so slippery as he thrust in and out of me. He sucked on my tits as I rode him and I was about to explode on his cock and I did so as I kissed him passionately. He then shot his load of cream into me and we were one breathless, sloppy, cum coated mess. Just how we love it.

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