The Study Partner

When I was in college I was always looking for study partners to do as best as I could with my grades. Some were really good, especially when you were taking the same classes. This one guy was not only very smart, but sexy as hell. I think he had an inkling I had the hots for him since I seemed to spend more time looking at him than the books. He asked me if I was attracted to him and I confessed I was, yes. He said he thought I was very pretty as well, and the books were soon pushed aside.

I was pushed face down on the sofa we had been studying on and I was soon stripped bare and he was fucking me from behind. I loved how his cock felt in my pussy, he really was nice and thick and it felt wonderful to get nailed like this so unexpectedly. He was a good lover and made me cum many times. I loved sucking on his cock so much. I felt almost resentful when we had others in the study group, since I always wanted it to be just him. We ended every study session we were alone with us fucking one another.

I learned a lot from him, he was patient and always eager to learn what I liked sexually and more than happy to follow through and do just what I liked. He seemed to like to study me as well as he did the books. Never have I been with anyone that did as much as I wanted them to do, very giving and happy to just pleasure me. My pussy was always wet for him and his cock and his tongue. I’ve thought of him many times over the years as I’ve masturbated.

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