I Flashed on the Subway

One thing I like to do is expose myself in public. I can make it seem accidental, or very much on purpose, it just depends on my mood. I’ve done it alone or with my boyfriend. He loves this adventuresome side to my personality. Recently we were on the subway late at night, certainly not rush hour, so it was semi deserted. I had decided to not wear any panties underneath my short skirt, but my boyfriend was not yet aware of this. I looked around, assessed the risk, which I felt was low, and decided to show him I wasn’t wearing any. Needless to say, he loved it and got instantly hard.

I wasn’t about to give him a hand job or any other type of thing in a public place, but a quick, couple of second flash I knew would get him going and keep him excited until we got back home to fuck our brains out. I was right. I think there might have been one old mad that also saw, from the semi toothless grin he gave me, I think he definitely saw. My boyfriend was trying to reach up under my skirt from the moment I did it, but I would not allow it. I was going to keep him in a state of want until we got home.

I looked around and no one else seemed to have noticed. They were too absorbed in their phones, or looking out the windows to have noticed what had happened mere seconds before. I think I gave the old guy his thrill of the year from a quick glance at my pussy and ass from behind when I lifted my skirt up. It’s fun to tease, sometimes even if you don’t know who you’re teasing. My boyfriend practically ran up the stairs with me when we got home, tearing my clothes off to get to that pussy he’d not been able to stop thinking off when I exposed it to him. It was a fun night.

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