Loss Of Control

Do you like giving your partner control over your sexual pleasure? It can be fun to let another control your orgasms, when and where and how many you will be having. A sex toy some enjoy for this purpose is the remote controlled vibrating egg.

I recall one man I used to talk to told me how he and his girlfriend put the egg inside of her before going out shopping and he had the remote control for it in his pocket. He would jolt her as they were walking around shopping and how when she couldn’t take it anymore she was leaning against a wall and people were staring at her as she came and some of them thought she was unwell the way she was groaning, but of course they had no idea she was in the throes of orgasm!

He was laughing as he told me how amusing it was and how she had no control whatsoever over the situation. It sounded like fun honestly. Tease and denial is big for a few clients of mine, they like to be brought to the brink and then denied, over and over again. Using a toy in such a manner is an excellent way to control their orgasm.

Tying someone up would also allow you to tease someone to a degree they might not be able to tolerate otherwise. Blindfolding would heighten things even more. The loss of senses as well as control could be a very heady experience. There must be a level of trust to engage in such games with another person and know that they won’t leave you tied up or something similar.



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