Long Distance Lovin’

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A problem many couples suffer with is long distance relationships. Cam sex and phone sex or sexting are in the lives of many that are far apart from one another, but there is also teledildonics they could try. That is a sexual device controlled by a computer, so in essence you could be halfway around the world from your lover and be engaged in phone, cam or cyber sex with them, and they would be controlling the sex toys that you were using on yourself.

There were even at one point bodysuits made with tactile stimulators, but they never really caught on. Only around 1000 sold worldwide when they were commercially available. These may not either, but they are available for ones that want to try them. I am convinced that for every toy, fetish, celebrity, there is someone who loves it/them. So just because it didn’t catch on in the mainstream, doesn’t mean it didn’t have a few fans out there for what it brought to their sex lives.

Perhaps the future of sex toys and computers will have a better link than it does now and in the next generation long distance sex will be common place and not just still an odd small thing very few are involved with or enjoy. Anything that keeps couple together over the miles is a good thing, whether due to business trips or simply because they are an online couple that live far apart and may never actually be a part of each others day to day lives.

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