Tight Is Right


How are you doing “down there” for tightness ladies? Many times as we get older, after having given birth vaginally especially, things are just not the same. You can question if your man is as happy with the way you feel, if much has changed. There are things you can do. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery has become increasingly popular. Kegal exercises are also used by many women, but do require dedication to do them.

You can also get something that is recommended by Dr.’s and gynocologist’s to help and that’s Ben Wa balls. There are many kinds of eggs and balls out there, once inserted your muscles contract around them to keep them in place, thus creating tightness and making things better. After a few weeks or months or using them regularly, things will improve. They come in different sizes and are weighted. Some varieties have strings connecting the balls, others are loose and free floating.

Just think of how much your guy will appreciate your newly tightened pussy the next time you two make love if you’ve been using balls like this for a few weeks. A tight pussy will have him begging for more. Women have been struggling with wanting more tightness since the dawn of time, and tightening toys and devices have been around for hundreds of years. These are safer than surgery, but of course won’t yield the dramatic results as quickly, but if you’d like to try and get things back to how they used to be, these Ben Wa balls can certainly be a good start to trying.

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