The Wonderful Pussy


The fact that the vagina is a pleasure center for the one owning it and for the one that is her lover is no secret. It is a marvelous object to be sure. The clitoris serves no biological purpose other than pleasure, no organ on the man can say the same. They often say the one that has the pussy has the power in relationships. The woman usually controls how much sex and how often. If she decides to shut down for the night or for good, hubby’s not getting any from her.

The cock is neat of course the way it gets bigger and all, but the vagina has it hands down for versatility. It gives birth, renews itself with periods every month, gets wet when we are aroused even without touching it. It does lots of neat stuff too! Many more men are transgendered than women, so it shows you how many more wish they had been born women than ones that wish they were born men. So many more crossdressers that dress up as women. I totally understand why a man would want to have been born a woman instead, it’s honestly a much more rich life experience to be a woman than a man. We live longer, our bodies go through many more physical changes at puberty, it’s just a more fulfilling experience overall to be a woman I believe.

It’s more difficult without a doubt, but its richer. The default model for a fetus is female, in reptiles, the temperature of incubators can affect what sex they will be. Cooler temperatures create males, warmer females. I wouldn’t want to be anything but a female. I’m happy with my vagina. I never need to worry about erectile dysfunction, I’m multi orgasmic, many men can only have one orgasm. Women just seem to be built better!

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