One Night Stand

Some people are very comfortable having a one night stand. If ones can totally separate sex from emotions, well, good for them. Most men can, some women can.

Sex for the sake of sheer pleasure used to just be the domain of man. Now women are realizing they can enjoy an evening of “play” without it leading to a relationship. If this is what both people want, then have at it. The one night stand is alive and well in this day and age. No worries of it disappearing.

There was a very funny scene in an episode of Sex And the City in which the lead character has sex with a man, or starts to, he goes down on her and is then expecting the same in return. After she gets off, she says she’s out of time and has to go back to work, leaving him hanging. She had sex like a man. It’s funny seeing the tables turned.

Most men are not looked down on for having a one night stand, but many women would be, so they usually keep quiet about it and keep it to themselves. No point broadcasting your affairs to the public at large.

I don’t understand the appeal of them, but to many they meet their needs just fine. I am of the mindset, if something is pleasurable, why would you not want to repeat it over and over again? I can’t grasp a one time and never see the other person again situation. But as long as both parties agree it is what it is, then do as you will.

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