Three’s Company


When you mention a threesome, you likely think a guy wants a threesome with two girls, and make no mistake, many guys do fantasize about this scenario for sure. One I talked with that had done a threesome with two girls said while it was of course enjoyable, it was stressful to have that pressure to satisfy two women. Many men can’t totally please one, two is even more of a concern. As is stamina.

However so many men I talk to have desires to be in a threesome with another guy. They want to know if would excite me to see them with another guy, how I would guide or instruct them with each other. How I would have them please me together, to feel both of them working on me at the same time doing their best to please me and drive me wild together. I think it would be very interesting to have not one but two doing their best to make me cum over and over and making it their goal to exhaust me with passion.

For many it also seems to make it “less gay” for them to explore another man in the presence of a woman. Many wish to suck cock and have me be the one pushing it, making them less responsible for pursuing it if I am the one pushing it to happen. They want it, but they don’t want to want it, and by my asking them and telling them how much it turns me on, it takes away that the seed of desire is in fact in their own mind.

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