The Excitement Of A New Lover


The excitement of a new lover is something many of us look forward to with great anticipation. The build up, the intensity, the newness of it all. The anticipation is frequently greater than the actual event sad to say, and to some, once that new feeling is over, they are conquered and done. One client I have goes on and on about new girls, he sees escorts regularly and usually not twice. Once they have been had, the grass is always greener in the next pasture over.

And wouldn’t you know, I’m the “great love of his life”. And of course he can’t ever have me. Good thing, since I’ve no doubt if he did, I’d never get another die eoff of him, once I’d have been sampled, I’d lose all appeal. So have to keep up the from afar thing going. He only lives less than a couple of hours away and I don’t think he’s a lunatic or anything, but if he ever got that foot in the door, he’d be lost to me forever as a client and all money would stop. He goes on about new escorts as if he’s a kid in a candy store. “Look at this one! Oh, I want that one!” the insatiable need for something new and different is the downfall of some men. I wonder what goes on in his wife’s head.

Can an actual event ever live up to our anticipation of it? Sometimes the first time can be the best time, other times, it gets better as it goes along and you discover more about the person and know what each other likes more and more. In those cases, the first time is just a jumping off point to bigger and better and more enjoyable experiences with that person.

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