Satin And Lace

red lingerie

A sexual pleasure for many men is seeing their lady all done up in sexy lingerie. Satins, lace, corsets, stockings, it’s all very pretty and can help you look your sexiest for your man. He will love to unwrap you like a present, untying your bows and unhooking your bra, garter belt, and corset. All the good stuff before he gets to the even better stuff that lies beneath.

For centuries, since 3000BC, lingerie in one form or another has been a part of women’s wardrobes. If you think underwire bras today are not a thing of comfort, they are the lap of luxury compared to corsets filled with whale bones that made you stand up so straight you’d be in pain and were responsible for nearly driving some whales to the point of extinction they were hunted so for their bones, it’s hard to believe people wore garments filled with bones and later steel cages to look better under their clothes. I’m too into comfort to bother with that stuff!

The fabrics and designs today are as good as it gets, every color of the rainbow, and in many different types of designs to make you not only look your best under clothes, but appealing to your man in case you just want to briefly wear things in the bedroom for some pre sex ogling and appreciation, that seems about as long as I’d want to wear something for. Many men out there are into panties and stockings, both for their ladies and for themselves, the tactile sensations that feel so good are indeed a turn on for them as well.

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