Wet Dreams and Sexy Thoughts

man and woman

Apparently 2% of people can bring themselves to orgasm by fantasy alone. Not a single touch, just thoughts alone. Wet dreams are another way people can make themselves cum without any touching. And that’s a lot more than 2%, the 2% is while awake and concentrating. It would be an amazing talent to have. You can certainly get aroused with no touching via porn or erotica or talking sexy to another person, but most people need to then commence touching to orgasm.

Many think women don’t have wet dreams, but indeed we do. Guys have the more dramatic waking up with cum all over their sheets, how messy, but gals do indeed have orgasm dreams as well. Very rarely, not as often as guys. I usually only have one every 3-5 years that I am aware of anyway. I guess if you have them and don’t wake up you simply aren’t aware. When you wake up having an orgasm, you certainly feel it! Nice way to wake up!

If everyone had this ability though, imagine people at their desks getting off as they worked away just thinking themselves to orgasm, could be a bit tricky. There are vibrating panties with pockets for bullet vibes in them to get off without ever touching themselves directly, so the vibes are doing it for them, but you have to put in the effort here to make all that happen, most aren’t going to go to the trouble of all that, but thoughts, well anyone can have them and ones would do it at inappropriate times, all kinds of calamities could ensue.

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