A Tale Of Two Pussies


Now all kinds of pussies have their fans, I have honestly had some men say they only want pussy the way God intended it-hairy. Most seem to be older that prefer that natural style though it seems. Look at the pics, which one would you rather bury your face into? If I was a guy there’s no question which one I’d accept and which one would be getting the wrinkled nose and rejection. I guess some wouldn’t mind, they’d overlook the hair, some into hairy pussy would prefer the one that looks like a throw rug.

Most all body hair removal is fairly modern, but it has always existed in some cultures to some degree. In the middle east, in Egypt from the times of the pharaohs, there has been waxing and body sugaring to remove hair. We are very lucky these days that removal is such a snap in comparison to even just a couple of hundred years ago. I doubt you’d want to risk shaving down there with a straight razor, that could be a horrible situation. I don’t even know how you would. I’d think if it would encourage someone to go down on you more, you’d be happy to keep it smooth and clean shaven.

It really feels better smooth, makes it feel nicer and more aware of your naughty bits. I can’t imagine anyone that’s tried natural and shaved that could say shaved doesn’t feel better. I think when I go on the bus and most don’t even look clean or even smell in many cases, if that’s what they present to the world, I’m betting their crotches would be au naturale and awful. The ungroomed masses indeed.

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