Show Me Whatcha Got

guy watching cam

Men are such visual creatures, watching porn or their partner masturbate is a complete turn on to most. One of my phone partners said people look at each other, I replied I don’t need to get out the flashlights and the magnifying glass to have an upclose and personal look. Many guys though would like to do just that. Get out the miner’s hats!

I recall years ago seeing something comical online that was an except from an old marriage manual from many decades ago. It said, (now this was assuming both partners were virgins and had never seen anyone of the opposite sex naked before), it said the first thing they should do on the wedding night was have a good look at each other’s parts. I laughed as I read it. I guess the author would have his jaw drop today with people posting naked pics of themselves online on dating sites so you see their erect cock before you’ve ever even heard their voice or met them face to face. Here’s my dick, nice to meet you. Charming. Like some kind of strutting peacock display of who has the biggest plumage, men can be so absurd.

Guys, we aren’t all dying to see your dicks before we even know your names. It’s like show and tell for grown ups. The internet has taken the normal courtship rituals and tossed out most of them and sped up the others to breakneck speed. To say it’s odd is an understatement. Or the charming guys that demand a woman show herself on cam to prove she’s actually a woman. Some men act so entitled, it’s absurd.

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