Wear Your Girlfriend’s Panties


There was an interesting caller this morning. He said for years he’d been into panties and his girlfriend was cool with it and she even put him in her panties and talked about him sucking cock, but he said she’d be really mad if he knew what he’d done. They’d gone to a party and his girlfriend told her girlfriend the sorts of things they did, dressing him up in her panties. He was a bit surprised that she’d share this intimacy.

So the friend of his girlfriend then told her boyfriend and suggested they change into the girlfriends panties at the party. I have a feeling like many calls this was all in his mind, but I humored him and listened to it. So I hear this convoluted tale about how he found this guy in one of the bedrooms of the house the party was being held in, how he knew the house well and that there was a secret door in a closet he went in through to get to him and they saw each other in the panties and started sucking each other off like there was no tomorrow. And it’s continuing to go on, behind their girlfriends backs, with plans to meet in a hotel and spend all weekend in bed together.

My, what a lot came about from a panty exchange in a bathroom at a party. He said his girlfriend would be so mad to find out he’d followed through on all the talk of him sucking cock and him now having made to a reality. I’m betting it is all a fantasy, an elaborate one at that, that so many guys have, they take one kernel of something, like that he likely really is into panties, as so many are, and has spun this story around it to make it as hot as can think of. He very well may want to suck cock, and came up with this bizarre story to believe that it’s so close to happening, who knows. These guys do have imaginations, I will promise you that.

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