GILF’s and Cougars

There’s no shortage of men that enjoy the company of older women. Some like ones the age of their mom, others are a bit more extreme and want ones the age of their grandma. Many times a young man has something happen to him that affected his sexual imprinting. He may have been caught masturbating by his mom or grandmother, or maybe there was a teacher at school that really got him aroused. That kind of thing can forever have an effect on a man and he may always prefer a woman that reminds him of that early sexual event.

Luckily in phone sex, there’s women from eighteen to eighty offering their services, so they can have all ages to choose from. It’s kind of surprising how many women in their seventies are now on websites offering phone sex, and many of them are quite popular. To some men, an older, more mature and experienced lady is more comforting for them to converse with. Some with deviant tendencies are seeking the approval of an older woman they may in their minds cast as a mother figure. When the woman they are talking to shows understanding of their behavior, they are getting that approval they never got in real life from their mom. It’s a complicated thing, but when you’ve been doing this job for so many years, these patterns become quite obvious.

Not all men desire the nubile college age girls. They might look the best, but they simply are lacking in real life experience and knowledge and cannot effectively give the men what they are seeking when they are looking for an older, more understanding woman that can pick up on what it is they are craving. Experience is many times the only thing that makes someone a well rounded person and one that can understand just what these men want to hear. What they need to hear.

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