Sex Under the Stars

When it was the fourth of July recently, my boyfriend and I went to see a fireworks display and got kind of naughty. I was feeling a bit sexy, but there was a crowd around. You certainly don’t want to be arrested for indecent exposure or having sex in public, especially with families around. It was dark though. We went to a more secluded area of the park the display was at and I’d brought blankets for us to lay on and cover ourselves with if it got chilly. I pulled the second blanket over us, covering us and no one could really see what we were doing.

I was on the bottom and he rolled over on top of me and I had not worn any panties in anticipation of this, though he’d had no idea what I was planning. It was at least fifty feet until the next group of people and being covered and in the dark, I knew we could get away with it if we weren’t too obvious. People were looking up at the sky, not downwards at people wrapped up in a blanket. He was a bit nervous about it, but agreed to do it.

I felt him slip into me and he began to gently move back and forth, he wanted no obvious thrusting movements to catch anyone’s attention. I bucked up against him and could feel his cock against my clit. I moved my hips in such a way that my clit was rubbing against his cock so good, I knew I’d be able to cum in a few minutes. We kissed and could hear the fireworks going off overhead. I felt my orgasm well up within me and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. As soon as I came, it triggered him to blow his load inside of me and he shot it. No one was looking our way. He soon rolled off of me and we lay on our backs, enjoying the rest of the show looking towards the sky. Then we got up after the show and went home, no one had been the wiser. I sure always did love a good fireworks show!

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