My Husband Pimped Me Out

My husband pimped me out. I couldn’t believe he decided to do it, but I felt I had little choice but to go along with the matter. He’s always been a bit of a gambler, but this time he really got in over his head. Or should I say, our heads. He owed a lot of money. I was beyond furious at him getting us into this situation and even considered leaving him when he proposed what he did. If he ever does it again, I’m gone though.

He said the man he owed the money to liked me. I’d met him a few times, he seemed ok, but not anyone I’d willingly fuck. He said the debt would be cleared in full if I fucked him and blew him. One night. I agreed, against my better judgment. The night came and I was to meet the man at a local hotel. He was there waiting with a bucket of champagne like it was some kind of date or something. My husband said to call when he was to collect me. I let him undress me and he laid me on the bed before removing his own clothes.

I was speechless when he was naked. He was hung like a horse and I didn’t know how I’d accommodate him. He’d gotten some lube and got my pussy well lubed up. I sucked on his cock a while and he told me to get on all fours and he came at me from behind. He eased that monster into me and I was stretched to the max. I was gripping at the sheets as he fucked me and was surprised I was beginning to feel aroused, but I’d never been so full of cock before. He pumped harder and harder and soon I was coming on that huge cock and he unleashed a torrent of sperm within me, it was making a small puddle on the sheets beneath me. It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. The debt was cleared and it was quite the experience.

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