Yes, it’s Small, Get Over It

So many callers suffer from having a small penis. It’s not just a daily conversation, it’s a several times daily conversation it’s so common. Some try and put off sex with a new lady as long as possible. This is not the way to go, when the lady finally sees what you have to offer, she could likely feel she’s been misled and wasted her time and even become angry. Many with a tiny penis are also premature ejaculators and just cannot control themselves, many confessing they blow upon entry. Not very good for the lady, an utter disappointment for them.

The lack of confidence they go through is sad, and nothing they can really do about it. Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress indeed. I’ve often thought of times before, a hundred or even less years ago, when there was no television, no porn, no internet. Most women were virgins when they married and they may well have never have gotten a glimpse of a brother or a father. Then on their wedding night they see a penis for the first time and it’s a two inch one. They surely must think they all are that way, so do not know any different. How did they manage? They would never have known a different one.

Today it’s obviously quite a different story. Women would have seen pics and porn of many before their first real one, and the way most women are now, they’ve seen plenty of real ones for comparisons. Men had it a lot better before everything was out there for women to see all the differences, and there were a lot more “real men” in those days than now, with the soy boys and sissies at every turn whining about this or that. Do the best you can with what you’ve got, and try not to whine about it. No woman likes a whiner. We detest them.

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