Set The Mood


So many times we think of sex, we think of the basic mechanics of sex and many times a good fuck is gonna get the job done, but romance does have its place too. It doesn’t need to be candlelight and flowers every single time, but it would be nice if it was a bit more often than just birthdays and Valentine’s Day, too.

Your lover will appreciate the gesture if you set up a romantic evening now and then and have candles, maybe some massage oil and nice, soft music in the background. A sensual evening that will make for wonderful memories and a hot, relaxed evening for the both of you. Everyone looks better by candlelight, its soft glow the most forgiving light by far. Rub your lover down with creams, lotions, massage oils all over, moisturize their skin and make them feel appreciated as you lavish all that attention on them.

Make your lover the star of the evening and pamper them and make them feel fantastic and them see you as the generous, kind lover that’s giving them one mind blowing orgasm after the next and making you feel fantastic. One always come back to a generous lover that makes them feel appreciated and even worshiped if you want to got hat far. For ones into BDSM and are into Master and sub relationships, your Master will enjoy you showing him this attention. Satisfy your partner until they can’t take anymore, if you’re comfortable doing all the giving, don’t even worry about having an orgasm yourself, feel free to make it all about them.

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