Fun With Food

Sitophilia is a food fetish. Ones that love to either be covered in messy foods, or love to see others covered in them, or ones that actually love to fuck food itself. 

There are plenty of guys fucking everything from melons with holes in them to pieces of meat. Fruit fuckers don’t mind if that produce is a bit over ripe, after all, they won’t be eating it, and over ripe means a bit softer and more pussy like as well.

I have a caller that loves to talk about tossing pies at me as I’m dressed in formal clothes. He is jerking off picturing me in a white dress getting cherry pies and cream pies hurled at me, making me a gooey mess.

A cam girl I chat with has all sorts of crazy videos she’s told me about she sells with herself doing everything from pouring oatmeal over her head to sitting in a child’s inflatable little pool dumping custard and pudding all over herself to squishing a pie in her panties to pouring milk all over herself. There are guys out there who love to see girls covered in messy, gooey foods.

Girls get in on the act as well, using everything from carrots, to bananas to cucumbers to hotdogs in their pussies as dildos.

The scene from 9 1/2 Weeks in front of the fridge with the food is a fun one, that shows food being used in a sexual, yet playful way. The entire fetish is fairly playful and harmless. Imagine fucking a melon, silly boys…

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